Welcome to the offical Hyper Station 13 website! Hyperstation 13 is a Anthropomorphic Space Station 13 server, powered by the byond engine. we have rules hosted [here] that we advise you read before playing on our servers! Our server is based off of the /TG/station and /TG/citadel station codebases, with major overhauls and additions. We have a on going development team that works to give weekly updates. Our server is open-source for anyone to modify and host, source code can be found on our [Github]!


Feel free to download [byond], make a account and hop right in, its free-to-play and always will be!















(18/11/2019) - Whitelist

we have enabled whitelisting on the server and You will need to request access, via filling out a application form on discord if you wish to play. If you have played before 18/11/2019, you have been put on automatically.

(03/04/2020) - New Server Host

We have moved hosts! After some feedback, we have moved to a better, and more powerful server, to accomidate the player count. We hope you see some improvment within game!