Antagonist policy

All rules here apply to most antagonist roles, unless specifed. Make sure you read and understand the general rules of the server [here].


General Antagonist Rules

  • Antags may not break any OOC rules (no spamming, no using bugs/exploits, no trying to crash the server, etc).
  • If an admin tells you not to do something as an antagonist, don't continue to do it.
  • "friendly" antagonists are not allowed. All enemies of the station, stay enemies of the station.
  • Don’t harass people in OOC/LOOC, repeatedly target people you don’t like for no other reason than to ruin their round, or attempt to destroy the station every round.
  • Do your objectives. A minimum effort is required when you are an antagonist, especially in team antag roles. Failing your objectives is not punishable, actively working against them is. If you don't want to do your objectives, ask an admin to hand the role off to someone else.
  • Stealth roles, such as lone traitor and blood brother should be played stealthily.
  • Killing players whom are not listed as a objective as a traitor or blood brother, is consider murderboing (See [here]) and actively working against your objectives. Admins may warn you for such actions. All murders outside of your objectives, must have a justifiable reason.
  • If one or more of your objective is one or more members that are currently engaged within a RP, or ERP. you are allowed to disrupt it at your leasure. As being engaged in RP isn't a shield against the actual game itself.
  • You are also allowed to lead people into a trap with the promise of RP or ERP. as long as its expressed within character (Not lead by LOOC or OOC). But we would advise against it as its considered a "dickish move"
  • As an antagonist, it's heavily encouraged to interact, do your objectives with the crew in a roleplay way, and maintaining the same level of roleplay but on the opposite side. Antagonists aren't considered valid by default, You need a justifiable reason to kill/attack any antagonists.

Specific Antagonist Rules

Lone Antagonist (Changelings, wizards, wraiths, and revenants.)

Other Lone Antagonists, even those of the same type, are fair game.

If you are a Lone Antagonist, Stealth Antagonists, Team Antagonists are also fair game.


Team Antagonists (Revolutionary, cultists, nuke ops)

Team antags are revolutionary, cultists, nuke ops, and blobs.

Do not harm or purposefully reveal your team for the sake of griefing them.

If you are converted, you MUST help your team to complete their objective(s).

Different antagonist teams from your own are fair game (e.g., different cults, or revs against nuke ops).

Lone Antagonists are also fair game.

Stealth Antagonists (Traitors, blood Brothers)

These roles are stealth roles, and should be treated as such.

If your cover is blown, and someone is a threat to your objectives or you. Then you can consider them valid.

Actively attempting to blow your cover to make people valid is not allowed.

Steath antagonists, may team up together to achieve goals

Other stealth antagonists, lone antagonists and team antagonists are fair game.