✔️ Getting into an argument or a roleplay situation that starts with shoves, then punches, then weapons, and ultimately ending with someone dropping into critical.

✔️ Breaking open a door/window/obstacles to save a dying player.

✔️ Playful banter with disarming, shoving, slapping someone's butt.

✔️ Breaking out of an enclosed space in betterment for saving yourself and others.

✔️ Remove parts of the station to build and or improve, that doesn't conflict with other jobs.

✔️ Being discriminatory to an alien race within the game for roleplay reasons. Without using real-world racial slurs


❌Spamming any emote/phrase that fills up chat excessively.

❌Killing another player because of sustaining minor damage from them

❌Destroying anything on-station because you're bored.

❌Harassing another player out-of-character over in-character things.

❌Intentionally blocking exits during an emergency.

❌Cause damage to the power system of the station without a good reason.

❌Throwing wanted items, mobs, or players into the Super Matter Crystal

Rule 2: Listen to the Admins

Just because we have the final say doesn't mean we're against you; we're here to help. Be respectful, and honest, we will respect you more for it!

  • If you are in a situation where you don't know what to do, always, ahelp beforehand.
  • In an ahelp setting, being polite will go a long way; be sure to be descriptive and clear.
  • Antagonizing admins or members of staff for their decisions will get you banned.
  • Arguing with an admin will get you nowhere. If need be, make a complaint after the round is over to another admin.
  • Lying will complicate things and result in a harsher punishment. Do not do this.
  • Wasting admins time isn't helpful for anyone. Ahelp serious requests.
  • You are welcome to dispute an admins decision via discord PMS or contact here on the website
  • Trying to circumvent rules via loopholes can be considered rule-breaking at an admin's digression.



❌Spamming ahelp to get admins attention

❌Being rude and or non informative while a admin is questioning you.

❌Doing actions that a admin has asked you to stop.

❌Asking mentor questions in Ahelp

Rule 3: Don't Break Character

You're playing a separate individual upon a station in the future. Act like it!

  • You should respect your character's thoughts, feelings, and status.
  • Speak normally. Constant spam, netspeak, emotes, capital letters, current day memes etc. in speech are not permitted.
  • Your character must have a believable name. Any race that isn't a lizard, although second names are encouraged they are not forced. And lizards must follow human naming schemes, or their race-specific naming scheme, examples [Hits-The-Engine, Strikes-The-Earth, Cooks-The-Food]
  • When designing a character, make it somewhat believable, we have powerful tools to design any character you would like, and we are adding to it every day. But use it appropriately. Don't make an outlandish character in this universe.
  • Impersonation of staff or other characters without OOC consent is not permitted.
  • As a crew member, you are expected to perform your role as one would in a work environment. Professionalism is key for head roles.
  • You may not have your character be any already-existing celebrity or character that you don't own. Original works are encouraged.
  • Use OOC or LOOC for out-of-character questions. If in OOC, ensure that it doesn't reveal any meta-info.
  • Characters under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden. Any attempt to circumvent this will result in an immediate ban.
  • You have a job, doing things that will cost you your job or disappoint central command is something you should actively avoid. (ie. leaving your work-station when there is work to be done, or leaving the station as a Head Role.)


❌ Having your character say "lol", "lmao", ":)", or any other netspeak.

❌ Naming your character "John Fortnite".

❌ Playing as a mentally deranged security officer who beats people over for no reason.

❌ Playing as Dovahkiin, the hero of Skyrim.

❌ Playing as Donald Trump, who constantly builds walls around station.

❌ Attacking people because "it's how my character would act".


✔️ Having your character receive brain damage, and resulting in them randomly speaking out phrases.

✔️ Saying things with an accent or qwerk "Allo' there" or "Ay man"

✔️ PDAing someone netspeak or URL picture links

✔️ Binary talk via borgs, and most non-traditional and situational (ling hivemind, cult speak, etc.) comm channels. Note that this applies to most capitalization and netspeak, not emoticons.


Rule 4: Don't Metagame

Metagaming is the act of using out-of-character knowledge for in-character purposes. Don't do it!

  • You should not by any means use third-party communication (Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, etc..) for influencing your own (or other) characters and their actions. This is known as meta coming, and abuse of it is punishable.
  • You remember everything up until the point of death; and nothing when you are actually dead. If by any means you are revived, don't use anything you saw as a ghost!
  • Pre-emptively preparing for a non-confirmed threat falls also under this rule, and rule 5.
  • Do not relay information about the currently-running round via third-party methods or OOC chat until said round has completed.
  • Do not grief/antagonize other players for things that have happened in previous rounds. This includes but is not limited to antagonistic states.
  • You may remember positive character relationships between rounds, but keep any grudge-likeness to a low.
  • If you decide to respawn into a new character, you must not use any information collected from your last character and make an effort to make a more unique character in looks and name, from your previous one.


❌ Telling someone over Discord that you died in a locker and need to be revived.

❌ Searching random people round start without justifiable cause because you think it's a blueshift.

❌ Taking all armory and high-risk items and depositing them into a locker without the confirmed activity of them being in danger.

❌ Telling security where exactly the antagonist ran off to because you saw them as a ghost.

❌ Killing another player because they killed you as an antagonist in a previous round.

❌ Promoting voice chat groups anywhere in-game, OOC, or IC.


✔️ Metacomming with another player for teaching purposes only AFTER ahelping admins that you are doing so, and getting an approval.

✔️ Knowing what antagonistic items and abilities do.

✔️ Putting the armory's items somewhere safer after there has been attempts to raid it.

✔️ Asking how to do something in OOC/LOOC chat without revealing details about the round.

Rule 5: Don't Powergame

Powergaming is obtaining items, powers, extra access, and such for the sake of acquiring power. When it is reasonless, it is punishable!

  • Do not steal ID cards or upgrade your own access for no reason. If you need to upgrade your access, you must have good reason to do so.
  • Don't steal/move items from other departments for your own sake; especially important and high-risk items.
  • Do not hand out dangerous and unnecessary equipment to those who do not need it.
  • Don't take over the job of another department when it is already staffed and has people willing/already doing so.
  • Security is not allowed to prepare for antagonists if they are unconfirmed. This is also metagaming.
  • Do not intentionally exploit bugs.
  • Security members should return confiscated gear to their respective departments. Only contraband should be put in evidence lockers, and should only be used if it is necessary.
  • Do not construct combat mechs (Gygax, Durand, Phazon) before a threat has been confirmed and without a head's approval. You may, however, construct them to fulfil cargo bounties and sell to cargo immediately after construction.
  • Obtain Items with the shift, to make yourself overpowered, to prepare for a threat.
  • Stockpiling items such as Combat mechs, weapons and armour with an unconfirmed threat is not allowed.


❌ Stealing the captain's spare ID to give yourself access for no reason.

❌ Stealing power tools even though engineers are already keeping up with their job just fine.

❌ Looting the armory for "self-defense" when there are no confirmed threats aboard.

❌ Bringing a nearly-dead body into medbay and attempting to heal it even though willing, competent doctors are already doing so.

❌ Looting a traitor's weapons regardless of role, with no station-ending threats about (such as cult, nukes, etc..)

❌ Using a bug to give you an upper hand in PVP situations


✔️ Grabbing anything outside of your department with a station-ending threat currently active. (Such as cult, nukies, blob, etc..)

✔️ Stealing a dead person's ID to help the station on high alert status.

✔️ Asking the warden for a taser when you are constantly being harassed by other crew members.

✔️ Obtaining powers from genetics as a head role/security officer to help your job.

Rule 6: Fulfil Your Role

Whether you're a captain or a blood cultist, you have a role to do, and are expected to at least try!

  • All jobs, antag roles, and head roles are expected to require a minimum amount of effort. Failing to apply effort will result in the diminishing of a round, and is therefore punishable.
  • If you are in control of an important department, be at least prepared to perform your basic tasks.
  • In the case that you are a head role, you must ensure that your round is spent ensuring that your department is working and tasks are accomplished.
  • Solo antags (such as traitors, changelings, etc.) are expected to at least try towards their objectives. Team antags are bound to their objectives and must accomplish them to the best of their ability. Failure is not punishable, but giving up is.
  • If you are a role that is considered unimportant(such as janitor or botanist), you still have a job to do, and should at least do it. In case you don't want to, change your job to assistant.
  • Assistants aren't actually expected to assist the station, though it would be preferable they do.
  • Actively keeping yourself away from your job's major tasks in favor of the minor ones count as not fulfilling your role.
  • Respect Chain of Command
  • When securing the nuke disk and spare as acting captain, you are not permitted to loot items from their respective locker, which includes but is not limited to clothing, unique items, and etc. You are expected to still do your roundstart job primarily before acting role responsibilities. This ruling overall goes for acting any head role and warden, as to not have confusion occur over who is playing who, as well as preventing loss of these items. Nobody wants to log onto a shift to find their locker ransacked/missing essential items. The exception to this is emergency situations that call for said gear to be used.



❌ Signing on as a security officer and not arresting confirmed revolutionists.

❌ Ghosting immediately upon being converted to blood cult.

❌ Not healing injured people in medbay as a medical doctor.

❌ Spending your whole round as a traitor in the bar talking instead of doing your objectives.

❌ Abandoning high priority job posts to ERP.


✔️ Leaving your department in favor of an understaffed and critically important one, as long as your department still functions.

✔️ Attempting to help a revhead being caught by security, but failing.

Rule 7: No Valid Hunting

A "valid" is a nickname given to someone who is allowed to be killed under the rules, typically on the grounds of being an exposed antagonist. "Validhunting" is the act of hunting down valids to murder, regardless of the player's responsibilities to the station or level of authority.

  • Do not valid hunt if you are assigned to a civilian job (Cook, Clown, Scientist, mime, etc).
  • Promoting someone as valid without sufficient proof is not allowed. If your actions cause harm to an innocent. It will be treated as breaking Rule #1.
  • Just because you are armed, or have found a weapon, doesn't give you authority to valid hunt.
  • In the event of a station-wide emergency (red or above), most of the parts of this rule can be disregarded (within reason). Listen to your chain of command and stop if requested.
  • Antagonists aren't considered valid by default, You need a justifiable reason to kill/attack any antagonists. Their antagonist role alone, isn't a justifiable reason for attacking them. If they are an active enemy of the station (syndicate) they may be detained for questioning upon discovery.
  • Antagonists aren't considered valid by default, You need a justifiable reason to kill/attack any antagonists. Their antagonist role alone, isn't a justifiable reason for attacking them. If they are an active enemy of the station (syndicate) they may be detained for questioning upon discovery.



❌ Killing someone for having traitor/antag gear, but not using it.

❌ Leaving your job to go hunt someone that you suspect is a traitor, but have no evidence for it.

❌ Promoting others as a traitor, who are innocent to encourage valid hunting.

❌ Do not forcibly inject or force-feed a member of the crew something which will reveal their antagonist status without a credible in-character reason for doing so.


✔️ Someone is actively a threat, and you act in self-defense, or assisting someone actively under attack.

✔️ After getting permission from a head, you assist security if they are understaffed

✔️ Abandoning your work station when a round-ending antags like a cult, is confirmed.

✔️ There is no security, and you have got a heads approval to assist against any threats.

Rule 8: Don't be a dick

A common rule among the space station 13 servers, and for good reason. We are all here to have fun, respect your fellow players. Every player in space station is a person behind a screen. Most of these rules can be ignored when you are an antagonist unless specified.

  • Although the term "don't be a dick" is subjective to person to person. Admins are the ones that rule your actions to be "dickish".
  • Do not interrupt players who have made it clear they want to be left alone.
  • Traitors should make a good attempt at avoiding harming innocents (That are not part of their objectives).
  • Do not inconvenience players, by impeding on their job, or damaging their workstation/equipment.
  • Do not actively make people harder/impossible to clone.
  • Do not actively make it harder for people to avoid danger. (Welding doors while people are under attack, or trying to get on the evac shuttle)
  • Do not knowingly interrupt people during an ERP session
  • Do not, damage players' health, body shape, genital sizes, without permission.
  • ERPing with someone who did not consent Out-of-Character is a perma-bannable offense. Nonconsensual scenes are otherwise allowed if the party/parties involved are consenting Out-of-Character. In-Character consent is very different; if you do not know, be sure to always ask via LOOC.
  • Losing is part of the game. You can and will be killed by means beyond your control in perfectly fair ways, and that's just how the game can be sometimes. Adminhelping for respawns is heavily discouraged, unless rule breaking occured-- in that instance, you may be sent to the lobby to select a new character. When a round ends, leave your salt behind with it.


❌ Annoying people constantly, in or out of character.

❌ Going way overboard with a joke, escalating to the point someone dies.

❌ Knowingly ignoring people who are waiting to be brought to medbay or cloned.

❌ Pumping toxic gasses into the station to attempt to wipe the crew as a traitor or non-antag.

❌ Tieing people up for long periods of time outside of the brig.

❌ Killing someone who isn't your target nor a threat, as an antag

❌ Blocking people in walls

❌ Injecting food with chemicals that cause negative effects as a non-antag.


✔️ Being dicks to people who can take them, such as regulars or friends

✔️ Being a clown or mime and using hilarious non-harmful *jokes*.

✔️ Roleplaying a dicky situation with someone who has given consent verbally in LOOC.

Rule 9: No Self-antagging

Self-antagging is performing the actions of, or acting as if you are, an antagonist when your role is not set as such. Self antagging is normally defined by doing things that an enemy of the station would do. You are a member of the crew, your best interest should always be to your leaders.

  • Murder, attempted murder, mutiny, rioting, theft of a restricted weapon, breaking and entering high-risk areas, sabotage, and grand theft are all considered to be self-antagging.
  • Pretending to be an antagonist when you aren't one is (obviously) considered self-antagging.
  • Knowingly Assisting traitors in their objectives as a non-antag is considered self antagging.
  • Using in-game means to repetitively make yourself an antagonist (e.g. wish granter, slime potions, etc) is considered self-antagging.
  • Actively making it harder for security to do their job without a justifiable reason, is considered self-antagging.



❌ Constantly, breaking a lot of space law, over and over just for fun.

❌ Going into mining just to gain items to make yourself antagonist, for multiple rounds.

❌ Breaking into the armory and taking away everyone's weapons as a non-antag.



✔️ Using antag weapons/guns in self-defense.

✔️ Protesting, that leads to overthrowing the captain if they are doing a poor job or obviously griefing.

✔️ On a major crisis, break into the armory and secure a weapon for yourself if security is dead or missing.



Rules are in place to help maintain order on Hyperstation 13, Breaking these rules will result in penalization, including but not limited to; removal from the server for any length of time, role bans, verbal warnings. Not knowing the rules is not a justifiable cause for breaking them. When you are done reading these rules, please study policies.


General Rules

  • You and your character must be 18 years of age or older. If we have reason to suspect you are underage, or self-admitted to being underage, you'll be removed. With no warnings.
  • All in character interactions, verbal and writing must be written in English.
  • Getting close to breaking a rule too many times counts as breaking said rule.
  • Repetitively breaking the same rule means harsher punishments.
  • Ignoring admin's warnings will be met with harsher punishments.
  • All examples of rule breaks are just that; examples. They are included but not limited to.
  • Don't be a dick. (The golden rule of Space Station 13)
  • You should NEVER murder without probable cause (even as a crew traitor). And if you do, you must have a justifiable explanation of why.
  • All forms of ERP are to be done in privately, and should not be visable from primary hallways of the station, and are to be done away from danger.
  • Do not power game or metagame without strong justification. You may ask admins if you are teaching another play on mic, before playing. We get it, space station 13 is hard.
  • You are expected to at least try with your given role, If you feel overwhelmed in your role let a admin know.
  • At no point should a crew member be given the death sentence, without central commands (an admin controlled part of the game) or an admin's direct approval. There are ways to contact them ingame about such actions.
  • Do not ask questions about how to play in AHELP, we have MentorHelp for that, which is ran by the community.
  • Please report bugs/glitches in the discord #Bug-Report, and not in AHELP
  • We allow external links to NSFW websites/images in descriptions and OOC, and PDA messages. But only if the website or image doesn't conflict with any rules.


Rule 1: No Griefing

  • Griefing is the deliberate antagonizing of people out of (or in) character in intentional ways. Don't do it! Griefing will be met with harsh punishments.
  • Do not over spam emotes, in-character speech, OOC messages, or most actions.
  • Do not kill or attack people for no reason; you must have a strong justification for the upright murder of another player.
  • Do not intentionally destroy parts of the station or machines within.
  • Do not harass people out of character; whereas in-character can result in admin intervention if the receiving party is not willing.
  • Don't negatively mess with SSD users (People who are currently not connected). This includes but is not limited to stealing items, harming, or putting them in danger.
  • Do not inconvenience other people in their job
  • Do not use racial slurs, or words alluding to such words.
  • Do not insult other members of the community
  • Do not spam items, objects, npcs on the map, or produce lag generators on the server.