Security and Space Law Policy

Security is an ingame element/job that plays a vital role in the protection of the station's crew. They are held to a higher standard than most jobs, and require compitent players.


We use TG's spacelaw as a base for punishments when deciding how to deal with other players, which can be found here: Note that these are mostly a foundation, and some of the punishments listed here are inaccurate towards our server's goals; so use this as a baseline.


In regards to crew being executed: Crew should never get the death penalty by the HoS or Captain alone. This includes the use of the crematorium to remove people from the round. If someone is to be executed, please contact Central Command (or an Admin) to allow you to go through with an execution. A captain nor a HoS cannot permit an execution without Central Command's approval. If the user is a blatant traitor and has used syndicate gear against the crew, or they are an EoC, this ruling does not apply to them. If a crew member is killed by security via accident or other causes, they are to be cloned and fitted with an appropriate punishment for whatever situation they had ended up in, or caused.


General Security Policy


  • All rules apply to security as they do to normal crew, this means things like rule 1 in relation to security implies that they should be carrying non-lethals around and not ending the round of anyone who commits any crime.
  • Rule 4 of not power gaming also applies to security, if you go around “securing” the station via making engineering inaccessible or writing up the SM so it cannot be tampered with, going out of you way to hide known antag objectives beyond GETTING THAT FUKKIN’ DISK, you are powergaming.
  • If you constantly annoy security by acting like an antag you will become valid to them very quickly. This means doing things like stunning sec, using lethals on them, disrupting the arrests of criminals, breaking criminals out of the brig, these will all make you just as valid as any other antag.
  • If you get arrested and have a timer set to 10 minutes, are cuffed, stripped, etc, these are not issues to be handled by an admin. If you are bridged for more than 10 minutes, left in the brig, or perma-brigged for a provably light crime you may adminhelp these cases.
  • Security should not take items unrelated to crimes committed from the criminal unless they can be used to break out of the brig, are a danger to security or themselves, are vital to a department such hardsuits. Exceptions to this include item used to harass security during arrests or brig time such as headsets or noise-making items.
  • Do not kill default law’d borgs for trying to stop crew harm, including sec officers wrongfully harming crew unless they are being extremely disruptive.
  • Desperate times can call for desperate measures, if you are getting mobbed lethal force can be the only way out same with anyone attempting to break into the armory, is in the armory, or is leaving the armory who shouldn’t be.
  • The bad guys are trying to have fun too. Yes it is your job to protect the station and destroy those valid evildoers, however, this is an MRP server, and sometimes working with the bad guys to create a nice roleplay situation might be interesting. Try to talk and create a narrative with an antag who isn’t immediately shooting/harming you. Basically talk if they talk to you.
  • Slave implants are a researchable item intended to be used for an alternative to getting an antagonist in Perma. These items should not be used without OOC consent, as they are a brainwash; under any circumstances, should these NOT be used to gain a gameplay advantage. These items are intended for ERP usage only