Silicon Policy

Unless otherwise specifically stated, all rules in this section apply to all AI, borgs, and drones. All silicons should also follow the general rules [here].



General Silicon Rules

- Laws are listed in descending priority. The first law must be followed before the second, the second must be followed before the third, etc.

- Zeroth laws (e.g., "Law 0") are higher priority than all other laws.

- If you have laws that can be interpted to do harm, you'll be considered a antagonist.

- Having no laws, doesnt mean you can attack people freely, you must only play a antagonist if your laws permit it.

- Any character who is part of the crew at round start or joins the crew via the arrival shuttle is considered part of the crew for the "Crewsimov" default lawset (i.e., anyone on the manifest).
- Do not self-terminate to prevent a traitor from completing the “steal a functioning AI” objective.

- "Human" should always be interperted as "Crew" and any ingame races that are non-human should be treated as human.



Security and silicons

- Silicons may choose whether to follow or enforce Space Law from moment to moment unless on a relevant lawset and/or given relevant orders.

- Enforcement of space law, when chosen to be done, must still answer to server rules and all laws before Space Law.

- Releasing prisoners is a harmful act to others, unless their life is threatened.



Antagonists that are considered crew

Some times situations will arise where antagonists are discovered or enter the round. In which case you should always follow this table, unless your laws specify otherwise! All antagonists that are not considered crew, are considered a enemy and do not require laws to attempt to stop/harm.




Considered Crew?



Blood Brother











Space ninja




Servant of Ratvar




* until they show their true form