Monday, March 23rd, 2020

Adds sprite for "pinkmilk" when in a drinking glass (VladinXXV,


Added Patreon Rewards

  • Hacker T.Dog's patreon reward: Napoleonic Uniform


Adds 2 new bar signs, some map edits, and fixes several things (improvedname,

  • The hive
  • The loose goose

Fixes cardboard bug allowing you to move lightning speed when moving into a wall (improvedname,


Balance changes to mining (improvedname,


Lots of Citadel Station Ports (improvedname,, [Thanks to all the respected coders]

  •  To much to list here. Thanks for porting improvedname!


Dark mode theme alterations (improvedname,


Fixed Skeletons Tongues Burning (Dahlular,

  •   "You feel your skull burning! Oof, your bones!" no  longer gets spammed to you, while playing a pirate.

Added a new robot, Hugbox (jbox144,

  •   Adds in a new bot, the hugbot! Made from a box of hugs, a borg arm and a proximity sensor, the hugbot runs around hugging people! Just... don't emag   it, or else it will hug a bit too hard.

Adds cum to the cleanbot targets (jbox144,

  •   Clean bots now clean up messy lewd stuff.

Spelling Errors fixed (VladinXXV, Dahlular)


Basic wall graphics improved. (QuoteFox)

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Added Tania plush, as well as relocate some others.


Changed the combat shotgun, riot shotgun, and bulldog shotgun in-hand sprites, as well as animeted spent and unspent shells. (Investigator77,


Changed SEVA and EXO suit sprites, as well as others (Investigator77,

  • Exo-suit is now called Explorer Exoskeleton
  • Slightly adjusted Exoskeleton armor values
  • Exo-suit hood is now Military Exo Helmet
  • Slightly adjusted SEVA armor values
  • Exoskeleton gasmask has the same armor as an explorer gasmask
  • Added Monolith Armor
  • Added Urban CBRN BDU


More BeeViro ports, changes, and fixes (zeskorion,

  • More symptoms.
  • Pituitary Disruption
  • Organic Flux Induction
  • Hyperperspiration
  • Thermal Retrostable Displacement
  • Removes choking, dizziness, and metabolic boost
  • Adds beeviro symptoms to sentient diseases
  • Self respiration now has nobreath
  • Fixed Inorganic Biology and Necrotic metabolism



Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Plenty of box-station fixes and improvements (SynnGraffkin,

  • Carpets added to HoS and RD offices - Plants will now spawn throughout the station
  • Some atmos pipes are actually visible
  • Engineering protolathe moved to the break room between Engi and Atmos


Laughter Virus fixed again, underscore removed (zeskorion,


"Leaky Breasts" Trait added (jbox144,

  • You leave a mess if your breasts are too full.
  • This trait is neutral and only applies to breasts


Milking Machine added (jbox144,

  • A new device designed to combat the previous trait, with both penis and breast equivalents
  • Can be crafted - 5 cables - 2 rods - 2 sheets of plastic - 1 sheet of cardboard - 2 beakers - 1 micro-manipulator - Tools required: welding tool, screwdriver, and wirecutter
  • Passively will collect fluids as long as it's turned on, and is equipped with a beaker of any type

Friday, February 14th, 2020

Fireman carry is now possible. (ForrestWick,

  • To carry someone, aggressive grab them while they're lying down and click + drag them onto you


Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Dorms are now protected from Radiation storms. No more ERP interruptions. (QuoteFox)


Reduction to soapstone engraving light (Azarak,


Added some more lighting around the map to fix dark spots (AtlasRules

  • Added light opposite of botany
  • Added light in engineering
  • Added light brig and above the bridge

Lots of new drinks and fixes (Azarak,

  • Added Liz Fizz
  • Added Malibu Sunset
  • Added Hotlime Miami
  • Added Miami Vice
  • Added Strawberry Daiquiri.


Thursday, January 30th, 2020

RCD Changes from Citadel ported (Azarak,

  • Construction and Deconstruction have new visuals - Basic RCDs can no longer deconstruct. You'll need to upgrade with a disk from the engineering lathe after advanced engineering is researched
  • One upgrade allows RCDs to build machine or computer frames
  • The other adds the ability to fabricate circuits into APCs, air alarms, fire alarms, and firedoors
  • The CE's locker has a fully upgraded RCD - EngiVends also have this

Decorative wings for character customization port (Azarak,

  • You may now put decorative wings on non-moths in customization.
  • Moth fluff is now not attached to the wings

Lightmode and darkmode fixes (Azarak,


The game is more readable. (Azarak,

  • LOOC now has a more distinct color from OOC


Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Fixes to chemistry recipes for virus cultures. (zeskorion,


Fixes to Winter coats on digi sprites, they should appear now. (Seris02,


Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Spraycans and crayons are updated! (Azarak,

  • Spraycans can be used to color light fixtures
  • Both have more decals to spray down

Watcher wing crusher trophies have their tickrate effect increased (DeusHarbinger,

More Winter Coats! (Seris02,

  • Assistant's formal winter coat
  • Centcom winter coat
  • Nar'sie winter coat (cult, has armor)
  • Ratvarian winter coat (cult, has armor)
  • Runed winter coat (loadout, no armor)
  • Brass winter coat (loadout, no armor)

Breast code cleanup and additions. (jbox144,,,

  • Breasts produce more milk per the size of the organ -"Your breasts finally feel full again" is now a thing we have to deal with.
  • You can edit what fluid you lactate, if you're into that.

Plasmamen can now have sexual organs. (cyfause,


Bee virology ported (zeskorion,

  • Levels 9 and 0 to diseases
  • New symptoms within most levels
  • Viral aggressive metabolism is back, with nerfed stats.
  • More details on the pull request.

Crusher Icon Fix (jjpark-kb,


A Readme was added to our GitHub (LetterN,


Breast preference size increase from E to H cups. We're hyperstation, don't look at me. (jbox144,


Addition of a cleanable milk decal (jbox144,



Saturday, January 4th, 2020

Security fixes, thanks Bhijn#6295

Changes Centcom Uniforms (Karamitsuko,

  • Now have the vorestation style!

Changes to device sprites (Investigator77,

  • Plant Analyzer Now it looks like it displays words, and has a little meter.
  • EMP grenade tiny sprite makeover.
  • The portable crew scanner now shows like it's scanning several people at once instead of a stickman.
  • Atmos Analyzer the little meter moves.
  • Test Range Firing Pin now has a couple of blue lines to indicate that it's not a loyalty pin.

Removed Fake Greenshift (SynnGraffkin,


Fixed heat icons swapped bug (shellspeed1,


Crusher QOL changes (Kraseo,

  • you can now wield the crusher with one hand, however using it in this form to attack makes you drop anything you're holding
  • it now has a light on top of the thing so you can see around you without having the seclite in your pocket
  • in addition, mining mob crusher trophy chance has been significantly increased